January 12th, 2006


was looking for a shot of vitalij and my broken front window and came across this, which i never showed anybody:

bono voxotica....

(he said "i survived a mullet, you know, which for a rock star is, arguably, as dangerous as a droog habit.")

In other news -- freaking momcat was under my bed last night. she shot out like a living arrow when i laid down. she's plotting! watched "crash" with philfo, it was pretty good. started to watch "dog soldiers" but it was getting late ... i took a lunesta at 10:35, read till 11:00, turned out the light, closed my eyes and don't even remember counting to one. that's the first time in my life that's ever happened.
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    death cab for cutie: you cut your wrists i cut mine

well, i guess it's not a secret anymore...

well, i guess it's not a secret anymore...

ftc records called me a while ago saying they wanted to use one of my photos for the cover of their David Bowie tribute, Contamination seeing as that it had a lot of super cool artists on it that I'd photographed like nicki jaine, the dresden dolls, the brides, and voltaire. So we went back and forth with a bunch of images and this morning they called to say they'd settled on this shot of cyndie mist on the floor outside of one of Evi Nueman's show. (image links to ftc records)

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