January 17th, 2006

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Good Lord. Things had gotten out of hand. Those of you who know me know that my preferred state for the house is "Better Homes and Gardens on their way over to photograph for cover." But the state of my house often is "Rock band just got drunk and trashed the place." The clutter had gotten to the point where I was having difficulty breathing. It was time to clean.

I'm glad that I live in a time where my idea of cleaning revolves largely around the command "release the robots!" Higgens and Benson vacuumed for a couple of hours.  

Three photos, two paintings and one sculpture hung, two bags of trash removed. Kitchen sink scrubbed, bathroom scrubbed, stairs swept, Cheery blaze in the fireplace, reading "The Devil's Teeth" sitting on the sofa with the cats.
I feel much better.

philipforrest has been a madman with home repair. he weatherstripped the front and back doors, repaired the front door so that it closes, and started locating and sealing drafty windows. I kind of hope he doesn't find a job soon....


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screen shot from saturday's shoot for The Room at the Top of the Stairs. It went well, but it was arduous. It involved more actors and crew and technicians than I'm used to or comfortable working with -- too much responsibility -- if I screw up, I'm wasting everybody's time, not just my own.

I'm going to do a low resolution edit tonight (I shot it in HD) and then go back with an EDL and cut the final bit of this scene together this weekend. That means -- only most of the movie is still left to shoot!


and cast.


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