February 15th, 2006

someone got breakfast in bed....

i've been trying to kick back and relax the last few days. stacy and i watched "sylvia" on saturday, which i found well done -- it really captured the pain of a creative woman, always used to being the most popular person in a room, suddenly trapped in the shadow of her successful husband, babies in hand while a career which had previously seemed so possible, swifty eclipsed. the movie started well paced, ramped up, and ... ended inexplicably, as though the filmmakers suddenly ran out of money or were only told of the end of her life _after_ the film was finished and decided to quickly add some text at the end. in any event, this may signal the end's ted's strangle hold on her papers -- perhaps we'll hear more now from un hand-picked biographers.

last might i made a casserole which came out ... okay. the bow ties were a little chewy around the edges of the pan, but the middle was pretty good. i also made a heart shaped brownie that weighed about two pounds. we had one of those low key evening that revolved around stacy getting home around 8:30, making it to my place by nine, eating candle lit dinner just in time for my sweet, sweet, journey down the River Lunesta.

have you seen those commercials where the woman's laying in bed and, like, a butterfly is flitting in through the window? it's sort of like that. you take it, about 20 minutes later you get a bit groggy, then you see a couple of butterflies as you smile and pull the covers up and before you know it, it's 5:30 in the morning, the birds are chirping and you get up and make breakfast full of joy and energy wondering how you ever survived in those days where it took you 4 hours to fall asleep every night. there's nothing like waking someone up with breakfast in bed. (there's nothing like waking someone up by dumping a bucket of ice water on them either, but i'd recommend one over the other).

we also watched 11:14 which i found really, really, entertaining. it had been sitting on my coffin for a month waiting for me to watch it. it's in a line of films like magnola, american beauty, pulp fiction, donnie darko, momento, and most recently "crash" -- who's storytelling begins with a catestrophic event, then backtracks through the lives of the people it affected showing what circumstances -- innocent and otherwise -- led up to it.