February 16th, 2006

i saw momcat -- and LIVED

walking out of the bedroom today i startled momcat who was sitting at the top of the stairs. she shot down them with all the grace of a bag of boots hurled down the side of a mountian. all i could think of was "sweet barking cheese! she is ENORMOUS!" -- if anything she's gotten BIGGER than when i saw her last. if you took tatiana and stuffed her inside milla, that's what momcat looks like. for a moment i thought "holy belt hammer, she's PREGNANT!" -- but she can't be.

she turned at the bottom of the stairs and eyeballed me for a while. i went downstairs to check the temperature -- opened the back door. she looked at the outside, looked at me, and went into the closet. i take this to mean: "she hates me, but she'd rather stay than leave"

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    the dresden dolls: mandy goes to med school