March 12th, 2006


as promised ... momcat photo ...

came home this morning and found momcat sitting on the stairs with tatty. she didn't run away. i talked to her a little and sat down on the sofa to read a novel. later milla and tatty came down stairs and sat in the living room with me ... low and behold, momcat came down too, though she sat in the next room and watched me. from about 20 feet away. i think, maybe, she's made friends with milla and tatty and likes being with them.

yesterday we had some nice time where i was about 3 feet away from momcat and tatty on the carpet in the hall. we just chilled. momcat didn't seemed freaked out. i decided to try and pet her, but when my arm got about 2 feet away from her, she just backed up about two feet and sat down again. not yet.

* for those of you who joined after the momcat saga began ... a brief recap. momcat is feral. this summer she had five babies under my hasta bush in the back yard. against her will, yags and christy and i captured her and the kittens and brought them inside. she was NOT PLEASED, she hated it. she raised the kittens (all named wiggles) under my sofa. wiggles loved me, and loved people. momcat did not. eventually, the cute little wiggles found homes and momcat remains. she's never had human contact, apart from getting fixed (which was really traumatic for her). she doesn't want to go back inside, but she doesn't much like me, though she seems to be tolerating phil more and more.
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