March 16th, 2006

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Stacy and Raina and I went out to the Wissahickon yesterday for a picnic. It was brisk, but that just meant we had the place to ourselves. Raina got to run around -- which is nice, being a city dog and all she doesn't get as much opportunity to jump in rivers and run up hills as she'd like. I made bunches of food, which turned out pretty good. We had a lurvely time. We went to petsmart and i got some cat pheremones that supposidly may make momcat feel safer. who knows. a co-worker had good, if possibly placebic, results with it. Later stacy went out to a "pagan pot luck" -- whatever that was, i cleaned the house, and then a bunch of people came over and we played pool on dr. brad's pool table for a few hours.

What a nice day. More pix here. Be sure to check out Raina's freaky eyes.

this morning momcat was sitting on the radiator in the living room. she was watching me from behind a chair but she didn't feel the need to run further -- it was kind of a safe looking spot and it seems warm.

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i just found this little bastard feasting on my blood. this is why i live in the city -- it's harder for nature to get on you.

in a moment reminiscent of the one where i looked at an x-ray of my chest and thought that i had a collapsed lung which a co-worker pointed out was actually my perfectly normal heart -- for about 14 minutes i thought i was dying of lyme disease. then i read this: "Components of tick saliva can cause a short-lived (24 to 48 hours) rash that should not be confused with EM."

i also learned that lyme disease is easily treatable.

the things you learn in the course of an ordinary day!