March 27th, 2006

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i'd been slacking a bit,--i did finish my formal book proposal, but i hadn't done any portraits in ... yikes, nearly a week. this is bashir, he's a friend of donno's. philforrest and i got to his house with a giant bag of cameras, and an even bigger bag of lights and stands and immediately got jumped on by cisco -- who was so so so happy to see us. as usual i was jumping backwards shrieking "don't lick me!" and phil was on the floor hugging the dog going "oh yeah! who's the good puppy!" petting him. and cisco was so happy at all the attention -- that he peed. BRAAAAP! all over the place.

bashir was very nice and laid back, but i think cisco makes this shot.

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"For going in store Joe went staircase. 'This is one!' he exclaimed undulate. Rest sideways on hot ramps blasted rivers of cheese. 'This is for me!' Joe assures".

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