April 11th, 2006

important momcat update

36% of people who voted wanted more news about momcat ... so here's the news....

(momcat, for those of you who haven't been following along, is a feral cat who we brought in about six or eight months ago when she had kittens. the kittens are grown up and adopted, momcat, broiling hatred for me, lingers on, hiding under the sofa and running when anybody comes into the room)

last night i was getting ready for bed, walked into the bedroom, and momcat was on my bed. she's done this two or three times before, and has been spending a lot of days there, so it wasn't really unusual. what was unusual is that she didn't rocket out of the room like she'd been fired from a cannon when i walked in. milla and tatty walked in behind me. milla climbed into a cardboard box that she's been living in for about a month now, tatty sat on the floor and looked at momcat. momcat looked at tatty. looked at me, and put her head back down. i ... climbed ... sloooooowwwwlllyy into bed. momcat, still sitting on the foot of the bed, looked over at me like i was a lump of laundry, put her head back down. i turned out the light. tatty jumped up onto my feet. we all went to sleep.

that is all.