April 16th, 2006

i have a new housemate.

everybody, i'd like to introduce Ms. Meatball Sung

my friend rich found her on the street, she'd been bitten by a dog and had numerous deep puncture wounds on the back of her neck (it looks so freaking horrible i cannot begin to tell you). citykitties came and cleaned her up a bit, and today she went to the vet hospital and got on antibiotics and had her wound flushed, de-pussed, and looked after. she's FIV/FLV netative. she's staying in our front room but she'll be looking for a more permanant home eventually. at the moment, we're loving her up and she's loving us all back. her current favorite game is to run from person to person to get scratched and petted.

more? you want more pictures of Meatball Sung? okay.

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