April 19th, 2006

Meatball Sung!

Tough guy Oleg Volk can't be alone in wanting Meatball wallpaper for his manly computer desktop. You can click on this image to download a 1024x768 meatwallpaper.

last night she had six visitors who stopped by to play with her, and each time when they left, she glued herself to the window crying "please come back! i'm not done playing!"

If you're sitting there with money left over in your paypal account from selling your old cure vinyl on ebay, please consider dropping a few dollars to the wonderful people at City Kitties who helped not just Meatball, but dozens of West Philadelphia stray cats. And if you can help them out by fostering or adopting, please do. There's a full grown cat out there that really wants to live with you and love you.