April 24th, 2006

who wants to play with meatball sung?

there will be a few updates in the next day or so, it's been a busy weekend. people coming and going, the dresden dolls show, a bunch of photos, and meatball. of course.

[click to download meatball sung desktop wallpaper]

no matter how long you play with her, when you leave, she's up against the glass begging you to come back and play with her more. right now her favorite toy is a ping pong ball. she likes it when someone bounces it so she can chase it. and if you're sitting in the other room, talking, reading, or watching t.v. she's right up against the glass. "HEEEEY! OVER HERE! I WANT YOU TO PLAY WITH ME! COME RUB MY HEAD AND BOUNCE THE BALL! I CAN SEE YOU OUT THERE!"

hopefully in the next day or so we'll get her ringworm test back and if it's negative, she can just come on in the house into general population. in the event that she does have ringworm, i've been treating her with twice daily applications of monistat to get a jumpstart on it.

her wound is healing nicely -- it's not a meatball of puss and blood anymore, now it's more of a hairless rumple of skin on the back of her neck. she's so energetic and playful. i can't wait for her to meet tatty. tatty loves to play. milla's only comment so far has been "tatiana! there is some sort of unauthorized animal in the front room, get rid of it!" perhaps momcat will have some leftover maternal feelings.

last night i went to bed at 9:00 and set my alarm for 4:45. i got up while it was still dark out, made breakfast, and sat and watched "Half Light" with Demi Moore, answered some letters, did some laundry. the movie was pretty good. by the time the rest of the world crawled miserably out of and shuffled away, i'd been up for hours. it feels great.
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i just had a conversation that went like this:

them: "blah blah blah. brown bag easter haggis."
me: "sweet barking cheese!"
them: "huh?"
me: "is that like sheep stomache stuffed with chocolate and eggs?"
them: "huh?"
me: "that is the most revolting thing i've ever heard."
them: "what?"
me: "did you just say brown bag easter haggis?"
them: "no."
me: "oh. it sure sounded like you did."

complely unrelated, i give you, the dresden dolls from last night.