April 26th, 2006

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i worked a bit on Armed America yesterday, getting organized with the names and places of people who offered to put me up when i start this road trip, it'll help to be able to draw a map out and plan a route. oh, i made some very nice sesame cold noodles (christy's recipie, i can't take credit). tofu, cilantra, carrots, green peppers, with buckwheat noodles and sesame seeds and oil. chilled goodness.

we see that (top left) momcat and tatty are still friends, but i haven't really made any progress. i spent half an hour laying on the floor last night trying to push a bowl of science diet at momcat. she was hungry but wasn't really interested in eating while i was there. eventually i gave up and went to bed. -- i went to bed at 9:00 again last night, took a lunesta and don't really even remember anything -- that stuff is amazing. no more five hours flailing around begging morpheus to visit. i got up at 4:45a.m. and watched a hideous charlie sheen movie with a good cast (navy seals) while eating breakfast and answering (snail mail) letters. it was a good feeling. momcat ran everytime i got near her.

also from yesterday (top right) meatball got two visitors from LiveJournal who came to play with her for about three hours. they brought her presents -- little soft plush catnip toys that she carried around in her mouth and batted about. they also played with the string (wheee! the string!).

the bottom row is meatball playing with me yesterday afternoon. i thought about putting a "censored" sticker over her nose, but when you can see it, it's too cute.