May 3rd, 2006

momcat update

who's daddy's little raccoon? who's my darling rainbow?

momcat's been staying on the bed at night when i go to sleep. she'll let me get about three feet away from her and sit there and read, any closer though and she's out the door. i brought her a can of food the other night as a peace offering. she tentatively licked at it and seemed happy enough. i need to find something she actually likes to give her. this morning after i got up (she was off and on the bed a couple times throughout the night, but on it when i woke up) she followed me into the living room and perched under a chair. not sure if it's one of those "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" things or if she likes being around me. nearly had MCD (Maximum Cat Density) this a.m. but for meatball.

anyway ... momcat may be wary of me, but she's terrified of meatball. yesterday i was coming down the hall and she ran away (as is her wont), shot down the stairs about half way, and paused with a look of frozen horror on her face -- like people do when they cross the crest of a hill to find godzilla looking at them from a valley about 40 feet away -- on the bottom step, was meatball playing with a wadded up bit of paper. momcat looked up at me, down at meatball, then decided i was the lesser of two horrors and shot past me like a 30 pound arrow and into the closet.
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