May 8th, 2006

karen is my hero.

three years ago yackersmaren was at an animal shelter and she met rudy. rudy was 16 years old and had been dropped off at the pound by some form of life so low to the earth i cannot fathom they share DNA with me. after 14 years of companionship, rudy's life was, i'm sure, measured in hours. karen took him home.

rudy's the sweetest fella. he likes sitting in the window, he likes it when you scratch his head. he's got lots of love left.

karen's got ten cats. three dogs, four ferrets, and a parrot. not because she wanted any of them, but because she's keeping the promises that other people made to their animals and didn't keep.

adopt an old cat or dog. spay and neuter your pets people. and when you meet someone like karen, or susanjacobson, give them a big hug.
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