May 29th, 2006

naught but 1mm of air between me and momcat!

momcat's laying on the bed like a lazy sack of jelly donuts. so i lay down on the bed and start reading a nauticle adventure novel (don't ask). and like a kid on a high school date, i keep inching closer and closer to her for an hour or so. occasionally she looks up, but she doesn't seem to really care. eventually, i'm about a foot and a half or two feet away from her. reading. then i pull out the aces -- a packet of tender vittles chicken flavored cat treats! meatball would trade her own legs for a tablespoon full of them. i take some out and lay them down on the bed. i start to push them towards her. she looks up. i figure she'll smell them and devour them and i'll pet her head. but she doesn't. i push them right up to her little left front paw! it's only one millimeter from my finger! she looks down like "why are you pushing a rock at me?" we pause for lingering seconds! i figure "this is my moment! i shall make my move!" i reach out my index finger to touch her paw and

she pulls her paw away.

next time, momcat. next time. you're on my lovin list. i'm gonna scritch your head and hug you one of these days.