June 4th, 2006

there's a sign outside my door ...

... or maybe they follow a star or something. who can say.

i got home from the zoo this afternoon, and while putting my bike away, i noticed there was a kitten in my garage. when i got closer to him/her it struggled to it's feet and staggered towards me, it could take about five or ten steps before it wobbled to the ground and had to lay there for a few seconds, it got up and tried again. i bent down, it rubbed its little head against my hand and made a gasping "meow" sound. what choice do you have when confronted with such witchery? i picked it up and was horrified to discover that i could feel my fingers completely through its body. it's like a skeleton with rice paper stretched over it.

i brought it inside and it's currently occupying the front room.

this kitty is not in really good shape.

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i combed a bunch of burr's out of it's fur. we had some relaxing conversations. stacy's going to come over and give me her medical opinion (which is probably going to be: "get this cat to a doctor, you idiot!")

UPDATE: stacy just stopped by. her medical opinion is "this kitty needs to be on IV fluids. she (it's a she) might not make it till tomorrow, you need to take her to the vet hospital."

however, after she'd said that, she was able to convince kitty to eat more and drink a lot of water.

so the plan is ... we're going to take her over to vhup at about 9 tonight. i have two shoots in the meantime.

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kitty didn't make it.

she died before we got her to VHUP. she died cozy though, and not in a garage, and her last hours had some love, kindness, and human interaction. she was just too far gone, and who knows what illnesses she might have had. she could have been in advanced renal failure.

if you're sad and want to do something to make the world a better place where this happens less frequently, you could donate to city kitties (paypal to info@citykitties.org) who are always thinking about the next homeless cat and who are the only ones i know of in west philadelphia busting their butts to end this feral nightmare. or you could foster or adopt a stray in your own town. it'll change your life, for the better, i promise.

i also promise there i have good news about other things that i'll post tomorrow and i'll stop being such a drag on your LJ experience.
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