June 12th, 2006

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cause i know you're stitting around going "sweet barking cheese! wtf did kyle have for breakfast this morning?"

while we're on the subject of food. sunday i was in 30th st. station and i had an hour before my train, so i stopped at one of the buffets and got some food. when the clerk handed me my change, a cockroach craweled out from between the two bills he was handing me and onto my wrist. i was a little startled and kind of shook my hand and the cockroach fell onto the counter. the clerk leaned over and squashed it's head with his thumb and handed me my plate. i'm not naive enough to think that all sorts of things haven't walked over everything i'm eating, but we spend so much time creating a fallacy that it doesn't happen it's kind of shocking when the truth wriggles across you.
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singer songwriter madness in the hood!

anna vogelzang, whom some of you probably know from her playing with the dresden dolls, and others of you know because she from time to time was found floating in my yard, just moved to the hizzle from boston. she'd like to meet her new neighbors so she's giving a concert at my 46th street mansion on wednesday night at 7:00.

check out her music at theanna.com

if you're one of my philly friends it'll be a low key way to meet some new people yourself. drop me an email at cassidy at netaxs dot com if you'd like to come and i'll send you particulars.


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