June 20th, 2006

you know you're in texas when ...

you pull into a motel and they have a rifle hanging on the wall...

kevin: " the only weapons i've ever owned, aside from my duty weapon, were sporting arms. rifles and shotguns. no semi autos that could be converted to full auto. there's no need for that. hunting and fishing, a love for the outdoors -- that's how i was raised."

things are going well here. with the exception of the drive across texas, which nearly killed us. ten hours of nothing but scrub brush and a 360' horizon. there was a surreal few minutes when we caught up to a train about 200 yards off to the side of the road pulling a hundred or so flat cars filled with tanks, heavy trucks, and missle launchers all painted desert brown. it was the only thing we could see in the desert but us. unless we're planning on invading mexico, i imagine these are all headed to iraq. it's a sad thought. in some places everybody we met had a friend or relative in iraq. keep your heads down -- come home safe and soon.

we stopped in roswell NM and i loaded up on useless trinkets. the ufo museum itself was stunningly dissapointing. lots of photo enlargements hanging on the walls. the best part were the intricate models people had sent in, in dusty plexiglass cases, showing army jeeps and soldiers surrounding a crashed flying saucer that looked nothing like the bits of tin foil photographed at the sherrif's office. this is a place driven by hope and desire.

so tonight austin with faustian_wish and the peeps here, then maybe we'll head to houston tonight, then off to lousiana. no portraits in jackson mississippi. what's with that?
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