July 2nd, 2006

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went to the dolls show tonight with phil, zoe, and stacy. doug stayed over last night and went to see them at webster in new york. saw paco in the audience, waved. people were passing out and being hauled over the barricade by security. binary angel was up there in the photo pit.

at the end of the show someone picked up brian's set list and threw it into the audience. it didn't make it, and swirled into the photo pit. binary angel picked it up and people in the front row started SCREAMING "give it to me! give it to me!" so she said "name a dresden dolls song" -- and nobody could -- they just stood there with arms outstreached. she put it in her camera bag and later i saw her give it to a little girl in a homemade dresden dolls t-shirt who hugged her like a lost stuffed bunny. my faith in humanity is bolstered by little acts.

after the show we walked back down penns landing and watched the fireworks.

mark and don got back about 10:30 after their first day at the u.s. chess open. don managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with two losses and a draw. he has two games tomorrow. i'll probably pop down and watch it for a while.
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having mark here is a lot like having an 8 year old.

when he's not playing chess he's somewhat at the mercy of a strange and baffling world over which he has very little control. phil and i took him to the White Dog today for a swanky lunch and it's been the topic of much conversation from him. along the lines of:

Mark: "That was a great meal we had this morning! I wanted to lick the plates!"
Me: "You did lick the plates."
Mark: "Do you think we could go back there? I put a lot of sugar in my Iced Tea and they just brought me more!"
Me: "It was pretty nice wasn't it?"
Mark: "That woman behind us, she had a cake!"

or he'll knock on my door and say "Do you think you could get me some orange juice?" or "I'm hungry. Do you think you could make me some garlic bread?" or something totally off the wall like "do you have the Sound of Music? I sure would like to watch the Sound of Music." The world to him is made up of things he can control: chess, and things he can't: everything else. He'll shuffle into a room with a giddy look on his face and say: "that was a great movie! do you think you could play it again?" -- so I'll say "go ahead and press play on the DVD player." and he'll shuffle out. Five minutes later, he'll reappear and say "Do you think you could come press the play button?"

Mark is ... completely innocent and the kindest person I've ever met. I keep having to remind him to put a shirt on because we have company and to not put his used tissues on the dinner table, but I'm sure if there were more people like him on earth, this would be a far better place.

I asked him what his top ten desires were, and he listed them:

1) "I want a woman to love with everything i have."
2) "I want god to love me."
3) "I want the motivation to be able to educate myself."
4) "I want the desire to read, and learn."
5) "I want to be self reliant."

that was as far as he got, but I figured it was better than any other top ten list of desire's i'd heard from anybody. and it makes my own list seem so petty.