July 10th, 2006

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when i was a kid, i read "the importance of being ernest" -- and you all recall in the opening scene, ernest is eating cucumber sandwiches, (he eats all of them before his guests arrive and then blames it on laine, who apologizes in stride). at 12 i had no idea what would be in one, other than cucumbers, but it seemed so sophisticated. i'm still not sure what should be in one, but yesterday the weather was so fabulous i figured it would be a good time to sit out in the back yard and nibble on cucumber sandwiches, pretending to be sophisticated. these were made of cucumbers, watercress, cream cheese, and baby spinach. next time, i think they want alfalfa sprouts.

later philfo made some awesome avacado and tomato melts. mmmm....

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    the lone ranger on internet radio -- rawk!

guess who i got a letter from!!

look who wrote to me! she's doing very well and getting much love from her new family.

apparantly she's still as crazy as ever. here's the little darlin' attacking a shopping cart.

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    old time internet radio!!!