July 21st, 2006

apologies to all who friended me thinking there would be all sorts of brilliant photos every day.

it's going to be so hard to find a home for this ugly little kitten. nobody could possibly love it.

or its mother

i gave them some cans this morning, they were outside with one of the big black strays, wasn't funny face, it had black eyes. 2ears was out there too, but hung back on the steps.

mom and one of the kittenz came up and feasted on some cans, they let me get about three feet away, but it was pretty obvious i wasn't going to catch them by myself, so i decided to bide my time and get with the food. momcat2 isn't as skittish as momcat was when we first met, so their might be hope for her. the keh-ten is sort of rolly polly skitish, when you get near it it sort of rolls away, it's still not very coordinated. i think the way to catch it is to have someone on the other side of the gate when it runs out. snatch. same way we caught maurice, more or less.
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i can't post this picture, it's too cute. okay. i will.

phil just sent this photo of the kitten with it's eye swollen shut. Tuxoplasma would be a nice name. No it wouldnt. anyway. "'ole eyeball"

who would want a blind kitten?

one eyed kitten is IN THA HAWSE

so i look out in the back yard, and our single mother (momcat2) is busy having unprotected sex with a big tom cat. i creep out into the back yard and she tries to get away, but he's got a good hold of her neck and he doesn't seem to care about anything else except what he's ... er ... doing. so i made a grab for her, she got away. the tabby kitten got away, the blind kitten ran under a bush. i reached in and, on account of that it CAN'T SEE i was able to nab it. it FREAKED OUT, hissing, yowling, clawed me up fierce. and, while i was doing this -- and this is so heart breaking -- momcat2 freaked out, hissed, screamed, and RAN OVER AND BIT ME IN THE LEG. i figured rather than try and grab two, a cat in the hand is worth two in the bush, so to speak, so i tossed the little one in the cat carrier. momcat2 kept hissing and freaking out, i made another grab for her, but she got away. one eyed kitten is now under the sofa in the Scrunch Room.

I went out back and told momcat2 that it was better this way and that she should come in too, but I don't speak cat.
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in case you are wondering. momcat2 has not left the yard. she's lounging around out back just like she was before. occasionally participating in loud sex with a blind tom cat with a crooked tail.