July 22nd, 2006

everybody, meet roswell

roswell had her eye infection treated last night -- lots of discharge -- she was a little upset at first but quickly calmed down. after ten or 15 minutes she was happily eating greenies out of my hand (that some nice person sent for momcat). roswell is filthy. she's grey and black, but i expect this will turn to white and black soon. her sister is still on the back porch and resisted a lame attempt this morning by me to capture her. momcat2 is going to require a trap, i'm sure.

roswell, so far, is no meatball sung. meatball loved people, roswell's very suspicious, having lost the best of her kitten days to running from dogs and children and eating out of trash cans. the next few weeks will be filled with intense socialization exercises -- lots of people being nice to her, and hopefully getting her family back, before momcat2 drops another litter of keh-tens in my back yard. i really do think that with a concerted effort, this feral cat colony can be brought under control. there were five adult cats on the back porch last night -- all breeders. there's a lot of work to do.

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roswell's new trick is that she will sit in your lap and let you pet her for an hour at a time. she still hisses when you try and pick her up, but if you move quietly, you can walk over to her while she's laying down and scratch her head, under her chin, and her huge ears.

we've made huge progress in 24 hours.

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