July 23rd, 2006

reunited and it feels so gooood....

so, with the help of the most wonderful people at city kitties we trapped ken-teh #2 whose name is ........ and then about 2 minutes later, we trapped momcat2. keh-ten #2 took to being caught much better than roswell did. seemed happy to see her sister, and scampered off under the sofa. momcat2 was Very Pissed at this and nearly followed Phil into the house to kill him. We reset the trap and she was in it almost immediately. She Freaked the Fark Out when we brought her in. We set the trap down in the Scrunch Room and immediately Roswell ran over and started sniffing the cage. Then she'd run over to me for a little pick-me-up head scratching, then back to the cage to sniff mom. She calmed down after a bit and we let her out. Instead of hiding under the sofa, as I'd expected, she searched the whole room for a way out, Roswell at her side like a synchronized dolphin. Now when we go in the room, they're all under the sofa, but Roswell immediately runs out to play. And if you leave the room she's just like meatball, meowing at the door for you to come back in and luv her up. city kitties also revolutioned Roswell up so at least her fleas will be all dead tomorrow. The rest of them are parasite city too, i'm sure. Hopefully we can get them to a vet tomorrow.

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