July 31st, 2006

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thanks so much to everyone who has offered words of support and encouragement for roswell. i have some news, but nothing conclusive. i went back to visit her last night and she was no longer in the serious thrashing throes of the seizure she was when we got to the hospital. she was shivering and unable to walk. when she'd try, she'd fall over and her head would bob oddly. she was in an oxygen tent. i gave her a little scratch on the head but figured that even my being there was adding stress and all she probably wanted to do was curl up in a corner and be alone. someone from the ICU will call me sometime after 12:00 to let me know when i can go visit her. hopefully i'll be able to talk to her doctor then.

it's weird, but reassuring, to think that out there are a couple of hundred people who care about one tiny little kitten in west philly and what happens to her.

you're good people. thanks.
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update with no real info....

i just talked to roswell's doctor. no conditional change. really the conversation boiled down to:

1) roswell is a very sick kitty.
2) we don't know what's wrong with her.
3) we're going to do some tests.
4) some test results will be back wednesday, others later.
5) we're treating her with antibiotics just in case it's bacterial.
6) her friends can go visit her this evening, probably after 5:00.

poor baby's still the same as last night, wobbly and with "affected mendation". she's going to have a Spinal Tap this afternoon. Between blood and spinal fluid they hope to get more information. right now she's in the most expensive cat hotel in philly, getting the best care.

no real news but not bad anticdotal news...

so i went to see roswell at the hospital. she was in the "fluids" ward of the ICU, they're giving her IV sugar and possibly some pain killers. she had a Spinal Tap (how bad ass is she now? -- sing "stonehenge" everyone) on the back of her head and the doctors gleaned some information from it.

but, before i tell you about the information, i will tell you this: When I got there she was meowing, standing, falling, meowing. They let me open the cage, I picked her up and gave her the lj lovin' and she started purring. She purred consistantly for 30 minutes while i held her, rubbed her little head, scratched her little belly, she closed her eyes in joy, and, her feet sort of spastically waved around uncontrollably. she definatly is not the person driving the engine of her body. oh well.

anyway. now onto the medical stuff.

the spinal tap is consistent with an infection. but, apparantly that doesn't narrow it down terribly much. sort of like someone asking "is it cold out?" and the answer comes back "i can see sunlight!"

it could be a hideous fatal infection, it could be an infection that will be cured by the antibiotics they are giving her now. they'll know a bit more tomorrow and, the good news is:

roswell might be coming home tomorrow

it's possible she's out of the zone of danger where her vet couldn't handle whatever happens. tomorrow afternoon she'll have had 15 or so more hours of antibiotics, she might be better. she might be worse. if she's worse, then she stays in ICU and we re-evaluate.

my understanding of my conversation with the doctor is this:

1) she could very well die.
2) she could completely recover.
3) at the moment, we've done all that we can or should do. if she does die, its because the baby jesus wanted the perfect kitten and not for our lack of trying to keep her here on earth.

something like that.

so, all in all, i feel better after my visit. i feel better about the idea of her not making it as well. at the moment, her Quality of Life is the only thing that's important.

For a kitten that's had the most hideous 10 week life, I really want the rest of it to be so freaking wonderful.

i was planning on this only being about five lines. sorry i ran on. i love that little girl.
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