August 2nd, 2006

In which kyle signs a book deal....

Okay, the big news that got eclipsed by recent events is that last Friday after months of negotiation and wrangling with book publishers, i signed a contract with Krause books, a division of f+w Publications, to publish Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes. Of all the publishers i talked to, Krause was the most enthusiastic and shared my vision for the scope, style, and purpose of this book. I believe that they will treat it properly and I'm very happy with the level of support and encouragement i've gotten from them. From the start, their communications to me could not have been more enthusiastic had I written them myself. Many people at Krause worked very hard to get this deal together. Thanks to them.

Current plans are for principle photography to be done by November and the book to be printed and released Fall 2007.

Phil and i will be driving from Green Bay south to St. Louis, and then East through Ohio. If you're an American who owns a gun and lives along this route or know someone who does, regardless of their politics or reason, drop me a line off list.

(in other news, roswell is very fine, update later today)
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how could you not buy something on ebay titled:

"UFO Cat Kitten Alien Space Helmet Roswell"?

i don't even know what it was. i just hit "buy it now" when it showed up on google.