August 23rd, 2006

anybody in louisville or cincinatti?

we have some down-time in louisville. i am planning on jumping in the pool, phil on the other hand, wants to get out and DO something. he's looking for models in the louisville area. anybody here and free for a couple of hours?

also, we're going to be doing the same thing tomorrow in cincinatti if anybody's there lookin for photos.

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Stephen owns a bar and a boxing ring.

Philfo and I had a pretty luxurious day goofing off in Louisville. Louisville is awesome I love this town. Whatever you thought Kentucky was, it's not this.

I splashed around in the pool for a while, read a Michael Z. Williamson novel.

We're about to head out and get dinner at one of the fine eating establishments nearby. There's a place down the street called "Burritoes as big as your head". That's definately in the running.