September 1st, 2006

why the interweb rocks

a few months ago i was walking through west philly and i found a CD on the ground, wrapped in a bunch of photos. since i'm an avid member of the lj group "found photos" -- i always grab pictures when i see them lying on the sidewalk (which happens more than you'd think). anyway, the CD had the words "for laura" enticingly written on it and was part of a huge mound of papers, trash, and chicken bones piled on the sidewalk ostensibly for the trash men but more likely doomed to blow up and down the street.

anyway. the cd turned out to be a mix of dreadfully sad songs, one of them was this lonely, haunting song in some bizarre language not english, not french, and not german. i've been listening to it non stop for months and it was the sound track for my trip across the country. i figured i'd never figure out what it was. i started listening intently, one word at a time to see if i could figure out one or two words, i thought the word "kandahar" might be in there, but on the bus yesterday, listening to it on my rockin iPod, i realied, SWEET BARKING CHEESE! THERE ARE TWO WORDS IN ENGLISH! it's hard to tell they're english, but they are. so i searched for them on google plus the word "lyrics" and sure enough, it comes up as the third hit.

ladies and gentlemen, i give you swedish pop sensation Kent performing "Sundance Kid" my current favorite song.

now is when you tell me it's been the number one video on MTV for the last year and if you hear it again you're going to jump off of a bridge.

Det var en gång för så länge sen
Du och jag slogs mot dumheten
Vi följdes åt till våra drömmars stad
Vind i håret och vår sikt låg klar

Vi visste allt pojkars övermod
Ett farligt vapen var vår blinda tro
Det var en gång i ett annat liv
Ett annat dom mot ett annat vi och jag
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