October 9th, 2006

miami cat rescue needed

So as i'm returning the rental car at 3:30 this morning on my way to the airport, i get on the shuttle to the airport and i hear this meowing. "oh god," i think, "don't let it be a kitten" -- half hoping it's some sort of weeping alarm system, but no. out from the bushes comes this adorable orange tabby about two months old. he crouches outside the bus and meows loudly three or four times, then he runs up the steps, inside the bus. running up to people and meowing. the bus driver picks him up and puts him back outside. he runs back in. the bus driver puts him outside and shuts the door. as the bus drives off, the kitten's standing on the curb, meowing after us.

if there's someone in miami who can pick up this little fellow and foster him for a few days, roswell can contribute $100, and we'll help to find permanant housing for him.

he's at the alamo rental car pickup/dropoff at the miami airport, 3355 Nw.22nd St. Miami , FL 33142. this is haunting me -- i'm not going to be able to sleep.
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