October 18th, 2006

update on one eyed kitties

Dear Friends,

City Kitties and the orange kittens, Phinneus and Albert, would like to say thank you! Your donation came at a critical time, when we weren't sure how
we would pay for the kittens' medical care on top of care for our other fosters. Thanks to you, we were able to take them to a fantastic vet to be
examined and all of their care while they are being fostered will be covered. We are so grateful for your generosity. Here is an update for you
on their current situation:

Phinneus and Albert were plucked out of the trashcans behind the Stoneleigh Court apartment building and brought inside with food, water, and a warm
place to sleep. Both kittens were tiny, but Albert in particular was skin and bones and generally in much worse condition.

On Monday, their foster mom took them to see Dr. Andeer. We were told that both kittens had already lost their right eye--the globes had simply
ruptured due to the pressure and massive infection. They were so swollen that we really couldn't tell if they still had eyes until the vet confirmed
it. Both kittens were put on antibiotic eye drops. Dr. Andeer said that until they are stronger and their immune systems have recovered somewhat
from the infection, surgery isn't an option. The best course of action is to let them heal a bit, then see what needs to be done.

Phinneus, the friendlier of the two, is healing fairly well. He's jumping around and acting like a normal kitten, despite the fact that he is missing
an eye. Albert is still pretty scared of humans, and we're guessing this is partially due to the extreme pain he must be feeling. His right eye is gone
too, but his face is still very swollen. We are guessing he will need surgery in the near future, but Phinneus will probably heal on his own. We
will know in the next few weeks and will update everyone at that time--just let me know if you'd rather not receive another email update.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity. We are comforted knowing that whatever care or surgery these kittens need, we will be able to provide it.

All the best,
Louisa and Lori

in other news:
roswell thinks that milla's tail is a toy. in fact, she thinks it's the best toy ever invented.

milla does not share this belief.

citykitties always needs money to help out west philly strays. you can paypal them $$$ at info@citykitties.org or, better yet, FOSTER OR ADOPT!
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