October 25th, 2006


Omar is the best dressed homeless person I've ever met. Those of you who live in West Philly know him as a fixture of the Green Line II where he can often be found dispensing advice or, depending on how much he's had to drink, yelling at people. I've been photographing him off and on for a year or so. This was from about 7:00 this morning. He said to me: "I'm sad, I don't want to die, I love life too much." I noticed he'd written on his hand: The end wants you to live the ultimate life.

This image links to a series of about six photos.

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city kitties update....

i heard from city kitties about the kitten with the broken leg and the two with missing eyes.

The kitten with the broken leg is going to have it amputated in a few weeks, at the moment she's not well enough to survive the surgery. One of the dumpster-pirate kittens is going to have surgery to have its eye removed, the other probably won't need surgery (it's eye's just gone).

All this means that citykitties is going to need a massive cash infusion for surgeries. you can paypal to info@citykitties.org

i'm going to send them money because i miss 1ear like you wouldn't believe.

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