November 1st, 2006

lj cuts be damned -- it's my birthday!

lots happened these last few days ... on monday valerie and i went to see charlotte martin and joshua radin at the world cafe live. it was a great show. i've been listening to "We Were Here" a lot lately. wednesday a bunch of peeps had a suprise party for me.

thank y'alls so much, susan, master nefer, petitbout, yagathi and others. we ate at my favorite restaurant, 1010 Cherry Street Vegetarian. then i went to the huge party that Dancing Ferret Records threw for me and Dingo from ego likeness who actually played at the party -- they're currently touring their new album Order of the Reptile.

here dingo and i show off our VIP wrist bands! for our birthday dingo got me a whole bunch of vegan organic chocolate from their european tour!

dingo scored the girlie action:

threre are two women on earth hotter than coral, but i've never met them:

anders manga opened up. i've been listening to "we don't stay dead" a lot. it was an appropriately fitting happy birthday song for us:

it was so goth that nicki jaine was there! here she is rocking out back stage:

steve and donna from ego likeness are awesome. steve is a fantastic artist as well.

dingo rocking out on the keetar:

Then i came home and guess what was in my mailbox? A letter and pictures from

any idea who that is? here'a a hint!

Then Nicki Jaine played me "happy birthday" on her musical saw! it was awesome! it sounds a lot like a theremin. she let me try it afterwards, i was able to get it to squeek, but that's about it. she made it look so easy.

then i fell asleep and woke up with my feet in a new decade.

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