November 2nd, 2006

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sweet barking cheese! who are all these people??!!

and in other news ... vegan stir fry at my place for asian horror movie night last night:

revised list of favorite horror flix:

1) the exorcist
2) the eye
3) inner senses
4) the ring
5) brotherhood of the wolf
6) the descent
7) tale of two sisters
8) the others
9) ginger snaps
10) the wishing stairs
11) the devil's backbone *edit*
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armed america pacific northwest tour

phil and i are going to be out in the pacific northwest photographing gun owners for the last leg of the armed america book trip. if you're out there and you have grandpa's shotgun in the closet that you've never shot and you think guns should be banned or if you live in a bunker and are preparing for armageddeon, drop us a line, we'd love to include you. especially if you'r having a vegetarian thanksgiving dinner and want to invite us. or if you have sofa/floor space for us to crash on. we will most likely have a small film crew with us as well. (no kidding).

we'll be there from tuesdsay morning (we land at 12:01 a.m.) till sunday evening.

best spam of the day: "plywood message from Patti Crowe"
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