November 4th, 2006

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my little girl is a woman.

she has a small, about 2 inch, incision. she has no idea she's had surgery and is running around like a maniac. n00ton also got spayed, she's the same as she ever was. a little shy. they're taking pain killers 2x a day but they don't seem to be in any pain. roswell gets sleepy after she takes them. she got a gold star on her vet report card and a note saying how good she was.

when i was going to take her picture, we thought she was under the big stuffed chair in the living room and phil reached under and said "i have her back leg!" and from the other side of the chair came this bump, which turned into momcat2's head, she looked at me, bared her teeth like a grizzly and hissed, a lot like godzilla might hiss if she weighed nine pounds and someone had her back leg under a sofa.

"sweet barking cheese!" i shouted, "that's not roswell! it's momcat2!" phil let go and yanked his arm back, happy that there was still a hand at the end of it.
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