November 7th, 2006

because he may not be our senator much longer....

last year i was on a train to washington d.c. and just before it left philly, senator rick santorum got on, with a cell phone glued to his ear and sat down next to me. for the next hour and a half i listened to him call constituants and repeat, pretty much, the same story about his upcoming book "it takes a family" (to raise a child). when we got to d.c. and were getting off the train i asked if i could take his picture. he was cordial.

i photographed him one time before, on the floor of the 2004 republican convention and once later, at some event with treasury secretary snow. i missed the opportunity to photograph bob casey (his "democratic" opponent) last week.

sick as a dawg this morning. roswell and i watched "inside man" last night, which was awesome (despite the fact that i hate densil washington). we might check it out again today. we also watched "chupacabra terror" starring john rys davies (who must have needed money for drugs) it was terrible. the plot is ripped off of an old night-stalker show, but in this one it's a chupacabra that gets loose and rums amok on a cruise ship and not a werewolf. all this proves my theory that bad movies are entirely the fault of the director. you can have an excellent actor (like john rhys davies) directed poorly and deliver a hideous performance, or a mediocre actor, like densil washington, directed brilliantly (in this case by spike lee) and deliver an amazing performance.

i need a fu wah tofu hoagie.
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