November 22nd, 2006

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we're in portland -- staying with circle23 and carolee -- who are the greatest people. and their three cats, one of whom, FatBoi has adopted Phil and I (as some sort of pillow actually -- he's a great sleeper on), he's always meowing to be picked up and cuddled. circle 23 got him at a shelter five years ago, an excellent choice.

we met up with cora, our videographer, yesterday and drove to corvallis, and did two portraits down there (thanks to oregon_girl for the hookup). it's been raining off and on. the sun's actually up now. we have portraits in portland today then phil's going to tnksgiving in vancouver or something and i'm going to a vegetarian orphans potluck (i love portland) with cora. she's been awesome, very enthusiastic, energetic and well organized. we're gonna get good stuff here.

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Mark and Lori are very nice computer programmers with a whole bunch of machine guns.

Mark: "Most days I can out-shoot Lori with a handgun, but most days she will out-shoot me with a shotgun. With a sub-machine gun, it's really a coin toss."

Time to make the donuts.
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