November 27th, 2006

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we leave today. no plans. no portraits. nothing to do but have lunch with cora, put circle23's house back in shape after we trod upon everything and find a bigfoot t-shirt -- i mentioned that last night while we were watching surface and one of circle23's friends, said "you'd be amazed, that's not a joke, people here believe in bigfoot. you'll hear them talk about it conversationally. there also seems to be a pervading belief that he's intra-dimensional -- which is why he hasn't been caught." -- this is my kind of town.

we did 15 portraits in five days, which is pretty average. we got good stuff, i'm happy. but i'll be happy to be home. i miss roswell and the girls. lord knows what shape everything's in. various friends have been throwing parties in my place for a week. the good news is that i got a dyson dc14 animal vac that i'm excited to try out.
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