November 28th, 2006

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we left at 10:45, well, we were supposed to, we were delayed on the ground for 30 minutes for de-icing. we were scheduled to land at 7:05 a.m. philly time. before we got on the plane i had the only thing i could eat in the airport, which turned out to be a very greasy, cheezy veggie "sausage" sandwitch. the added grease was to make it more like real snouts-n-scrotums sausage. the plane was filled to capacity, i had a middle seat. i'm dead tired. really, stupidly tired. but i cannot get comfortable, i can't keep my eyes open to read, all i can do is twist around in the seat like a dying fish. then i start feeling really hot -- about two hours into the flight. then my stomach starts to feel weird. so i get up, climb over the twisting person next to me and start to walk down the isle towards the bathroom. i get about ten steps when my vision starts to get purple and the last thing i think, before i faint, is "wow, i'm actually going to faint" -- and boom i topple to the ground. next thing i know, there's an EMT leaning over me. they got me up, i went to the bathroom and barfed up the sandwitch. felt better, but still more tired than i've ever been. crawled back into the torture chair for the rest of the flight. it was awful. BUT, when we eventually did get home, roswell ran out and jumped into my arms, milla came over and rubbed up against me, tatty jumped on my shoulder, momcat1 was on the bed, n00t0n ran in circles around phil. it was like the homecoming of the astronauts.

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