November 29th, 2006

nothing sucks like a vax

about six years ago, i got a dirt devil vacuum cleaner. it did an okay job, but rather recently started belching dust out into the air every time you turned it on. the roomba's keep some significant parts of the house clean, but they're more maintenance, you still need to vacuum every once in a while. so, i'd been contemplating dropping another $100 on a dirt devil, when i started reading all these crazy reviews of the dyson. for those of you, like me, who've never given a ding about vacuum cleaners unless they were robots, dyson is apparently the Ferrari of domestic carpet tools. if you epinion then, you'll find orgasmic reviews by housewife after househusband about how they love their dyson more than they love their children. $500 + seems an awful lot of money to spend on something to sweep your dang floors but after six months of reading reviews and dusting my house with the dirt devil, i decided to go for it. i got the DC 14 "animal" which comes with many attachments specifically for people who own pets -- including a beater brush for cleaning sofas. one other nifty feature is that while it's an upright, it's also a hose vac -- the handle comes off into a 14 foot flexible tube for vacuuming stairs, ceilings, behind the stove, all that other stuff.

dyson has this sort of "let us convince you!" test, where you vacuum a carpet with your current vacuum until you think it's clean. then you vacuum it again with your dyson. i tried that. here's my result:

from the living room carpet. one sweeping, and it filled the vacuum cleaner.

after that, i turned into some crazy domestic. i started vacuuming everything. i'm scared because it was so much fun.
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