December 26th, 2006

it's always a holida

val and i went to see some very old family friends for hannukah.

there were latke's and dradles. in case you were wondering.

i couldn't resist and took a family portrait. i've known these folks since i was four or five. sometimes it's weird to see your friends all grown up. michael and i were Star Wars freaks together as kids, it really influenced our lives -- we knew there was something there that was magic. michael went off to hollywood to become a movie editor. i made little pixelvision movies and ended up writing for a video production magazine.

george lucas may have invented jar jar binks, but there was a time when he inspired a generation. for that i'm grateful, thanks george.

(in case you were wondering, family portraiture, in light of the last year, has become completely second nature. i find that now whenever i walk into someone's house i'm thinking "put them there, fill light behind the sofa, main light here, close the drapes to get rid of that reflection, pull the coffee table back, where's the gun?")
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