December 27th, 2006

i rule the toads of these short forests

[for those of you who have recently joined this soap opera, momcat2 is a feral cat who i trapped with her two kittens a couple of months ago. she hates me. or rather, as you will read, used to hate me. you can read about her arrival at casa-del-milla in this lj post. that is all.]

how cool am i? i can now pet momcat2 whenever i want. you heard it kids. i can walk right up to her while she's sitting on the sofa and scratch her little head. we had a breakthrough last night while we were watching Platoon. She hopped up on the sofa next to me and laid down on a comfy pillow. stealthfully, like a high school kid on a date, i inched my hand over. she sniffed my finger, and i scritched her chin. and she didn't run away. yup. then i scratched her head for half an hour. she didn't purr, but she didn't leave.

this morning, i walked over to her and gave her a little head scritch. she gave me the "ooh, niiiice."

i said "WHO WANTS TO @#$@#$ TOUCH ME?!"
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