January 4th, 2007

breakfast with roswell

last night i watched the fritz lang not-so-classic "the testament of dr. mabuse" which i thought was awesome. gripping and entirely modern. i'm still shaking a cold so i'd taken some night-time cold medicine early in the evening and man, when my lunesta hit that around 9:01 i was asleep faster than i've ever fallen asleep in my life. holy smokes. it was like 3 minutes after i laid down. that's never happened. you people who can fall asleep when you want, you don't know what a gift that is ... anyhoo, i got up about 4:45 and worked on some articles for videomaker. around 5:30 roswell and i checked the fridge, found some tofu, tomatoes, and a zucchini that wanted to be eaten. looking for a change we made a sort of boat out of the zucchini, baked that, and filled it with the other bits.

i held momcat2 a couple of times and gave her some food. she eventually hopped up on the stove to watch roswell and i cook. while we were banging around, Yagathi stopped by (yes, at 5:50 in the morning). there was still some stuff left, so i made him a sandwich that looked like this:

while he was getting a fork

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poor yagathi. lucky roswell.
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