January 24th, 2007

because he's in the news ...

from the RNC in '04 with a 200mm lens. only about one in ten of my photos was actually in focus (for those of you who think i have some special powers apart from just taking a lot of pix).

i was planning on just going to sleep at 9:00, but phil said he wanted to watch the State of the Union address, so i found the TV antenna and plugged it into the TV and watched it. i think phil fell asleep long before it came on though.

everybody else watched it, right? cause you're good americans and you want to be a part of the political process? (those of you who actually are americans that is)
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jesus camp

momcat2 and i just watched Jesus Camp which is freaking amazing -- it's one of the best doccumentaries i've ever seen. following a group of children as they go to an evangelical christan camp, with words of encouragement from their parents, their religious leaders -- i really admire how neutral the film is. it's filled with very compelling, three dimensional characters, especially the kids whose present a depth of yearning and devotion which is at the same time horrifying and uplifting. i was glued to the screen. momcat2 was glued to the sofa.

put it in your netflix que, folks, you won't be dissapointed.

on a related note -- a photo from my trip across america this summer of a gigantic cross on the side of the road....
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edit: check out the trailer for the movie: