March 12th, 2007

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i'm laying one foot away from momcat#1 and she's purring. she won't let me get any closer and refuses any attempts to play "smell my finger", but she's purring pretty loudly. perhaps she's daydreaming at how tasty my flesh will be when her plan comes to fruition, or maybe she's thinking that this is a big comfy bed and she likes laying on it all day rather than sleeping under the hasta bush in the back yard.
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so ....

So here's my dumb idea. I think "all momcat needs is some roofies" so I get her a little bowl of catnip, climb back on the bed and push it towards her an inch at a time. Finally, she leans over and starts sniffing it. "Oooh, good stuff!" She sticks her face in the bowl, start rolling around in it, stuffing the back of her head in the bowl and rolling around like she's got an itch something fierce, twirling on the bed like a fish out of water. "Now!" I think, "Now is the time to make my move! Muhaha!" I reach my hand out and she's like "Woah! Dude! Step back my friend, you can't touch this!"

So now she's sitting at the foot of my bed, stoned, and covered in catnip. Which is all over everything. It's like a little catnip bomb went off in my room.

Score at the end of round two:
Momcat1 - 1
Kyle 0

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