May 9th, 2007

Book News

"Ich habe eine Waffe, weil ich ein verdammter Amerikaner bin und ein Marine."

In German it sounds like a line from a movie.

Anyway, the Armed America website is getting a lot of traffic from Europe. Specifically Russia, Switzerland and Germany.

Anthony's pro-American gun-owner rhetoric always captures eyes and ears overseas. As do Beth and Paul, but mostly because people don't realize that their son, Gavin, is holding a toy gun, everybody seems to think it's real and he's about to shoot dad in the leg.

I saw some of the advertising materials yesterday and they look nice. And I talked to a producer from a radio show most of you probably listen to.

I'm going to be in Virginia Beach this weekend shooting tattooed soldiers and sailors for what will hopefully be the new book. Drop me a line if you're in VA beach. Especially if you work at the Ink Gallery.

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Rozerino got me up at about 5:45. Sitting on my chest with this "Let's get started!" look on her face. I sat there, scritching her little head for a bit and then she barfed about half a cup of chewed cat fud and hair on my comforter. It was sort of like someone spilling warm soup on you.

I washed it off, we went downstairs to fill up her gut again. I made stuffed mushroom caps, which is something i've had in my head for a few weeks now. Rozerino wasn't really interested, but she sat on the table and kept me company.

About two hours later I realized that I was wearing two different boots. Shoewhore.

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    black sabbath: country girl