May 11th, 2007

aint the interweb wonderful?

Went and saw Trillian's play last night, then hung out with her and Jerry and Davea at Abbraccio. Currently sitting in the airport waiting for a Flight to North Carolina connecting to Virginia Beach for a series of lectures for Videomaker, then I'm going to be working on the new tattoo book late Saturday and Sunday.

Ain't the interweb grand?
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Adventures in Archaeology

Dr. Brad has a livejournal! whafford And he's embarking later this month to Syria where he will be continuing an archaeological excavation that he's been working on for years. From there he's off to the British Museum to research a book -- and who knows where from there. He's an excellent writer and this trip will no doubt be filled with lots of adventure -- so I encourage all of you who are thinking "Why does my friends list consist of nothing but people whining about their ex's, their jobs, and their children?" to add him to your friends list so you can follow his swashbuckling trip through the sands. (Plus he conversationally uses words like "boustrophedon" and "midden" so you're bound to learn something.)

This is a photo I took of him in 2001 opening a tomb on the Giza Plateau. More of my photos from Egypt can be found here.