July 30th, 2007

oh yeah

So last night International Fetish Model Kiwi took me out to the Marigold, one of the local ritztastic eateries. I had an awesome time. I think she sold copies of my book to everybody in the restaurant.

Later that night, Roswell and I watched "Re-Cycle" by the Pang Brothers -- who were responsible for "The Eye" -- one of the most terrifying films I'v ever seen. Imagine that "the Neverending Story" was done by the same people who did The Exorcist. Every ... 120 seconds it was like being thrown in a frozen lake. By the end of the first 20 minutes my skin had crawled off and was having a party somewhere else. "Chilling" in the most literal sense of the word.

One annoying bit is that some of the actors were speaking Cantonise and other Manderin and whomever was speaking the one was dubbed into t'other, so occasionally you'd have people flapping their lips and not matching the words coming out. The lovely Angeillica Lee returns to navigate this horror fest.
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i get it for the articles

Very nice review in Penthouse this month. I won't scoop them by reposting it.

"... stunning photos .... You can't finish this book and still make blanket judgements about gun owners."

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A few weeks ago, I was filling out some form on the Interweb an when it asked for "state" in the drop down menu, i hit "p" which often takes you to "pennsylvania" but this time it landed on "palu" -- as it does from time to time. Well, I'd finally had enough of that and decided to figure out just what the heck Palu was. This search lead to Operation Bent Prop, a team of volunteers who yearly scour the jungles of Palu in search of missing U.S. Airmen from WWII, there are several hundred MIA's lost somewhere on the rocky atoll's. Fascinated, I bought their video: "Last Flight Home" which Trillian and I watched Saturday and cried like babies at all these 85 year old women talking about their dashing 21 year old husbands who went off to fight the war and went missing. Then some guy calls them sixty years later to say they found your husband's plane wreckage in eleven feet of water off the coast of the island he was bombing. It was amazing, a really beautiful video.

Anyhoo, so on Sunday, not having had enough depressing things to think about, Trillian and I went down to South Philly to photograph the place where 14 year old Tykeem Law was shot and killed two weeks ago.

9th and Federal, July 14, 2007 4:00 pm

18 year old Charles Meyers allegedly honked his car horn at four teenagers blocking narrow Federal street at 9th. Three of the cyclists moved aside while one, 14 year old Tykeem Daquan Law confronted the driver who then, according to witnesses, drew a pistol and shot Law. An off duty police officer who was on the scene stopped Meyers car several blocks away and arrested the suspect.

See the rest of Echoes of Life here.

Then we went back to her place and I assembled some furniture with my manly new black and decker 12 volt cordless drill. Then she went to rehearsal and I went out with International Fetish Model Kiwi.
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