August 6th, 2007

woah on the radio woah

I just had a really fantastic interview with Sebastian Frenz, the Arts Editor for the German Edition of Vanity Fair. We had a great conversation about American culture.

At 9:45 I'm going to be on the Bax and O'Brien show on WAQY-FM/Springfield MA-Hartford CT. Then at 5:00 I'm doing an interview with Michael Bane host of the Outdoor Channel show "Downrange TV" for his weekly podcast. He sounds like a right interesting fellow.

here's a photo of Princess Roswell of the Upstairs Bathroom

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Trillian and I went to see Romeo and Juliet in Clark Park

then we hung out with gerry, who played the prince (he also played Zaphod in Trill's HHGG)

it was splendid fun.

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