August 9th, 2007

oh canada!

I awoke this morning to discover that Armed America is #148 on the bestseller list.

can one of the Canadian peeps grab me a copy of the national post? article is in the "lifestyle" section. All I'd need is that page.

i'll trade you for a print of something.

as they say in the Canadian language: "muchos gracias"

omar vs the hasselblad.
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someone recommend a treo for me

Meet my samsung i300

i got it in 2001 and have been using it ever since. it's been through the washing machine twice and has given me no reason to replace it with the exception that it won't synch with my new computers (it's got a serial only connection) i'd like to be able to check my email from the road, so i'm going to get a treo. what one should i get? all you interweb connected people.

i'd like to be able to listen to Dimension X and maybe snap some photos, but access to the interwebs and email are important.
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best spams of the last few weeks

I've saved up a few i should share...

"I Rita. I shall show you the mad photos in the undressed kind."

"geosynchronous submarine"

"radioactive scooby snack"

"stackin the grizzles"

"unsightly labyrinth"

"I power surly buzzard"

I particularly like "geosynchronous submarine" -- that would be one that's like ... sunk.
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