August 11th, 2007

in which our hero watches a scary movie.

So, last night devoted sattelite showed up with a bag of sushi and some nori wrappers for Roswell.

She said she wanted to try out the Dyson, but no way was I going to let her steal my fun times, so I told her to get lost. Finally, she went through her purse and came up with $20, mostly in quarters, and two bus tokens, so I let her vacuum the downstairs while I dangled nori over rosewell (it's like holding a gutted calf over top of a pit of underfed tigers).

Then we watched Resident Evil II.

I look like a Motörhead roadie.

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file this under "you're not gonna believe what just happened"

so Trillian just called -- she was on a 12 seat shuttle flight from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, sitting across from "some musician who was really into guns" and she gave him the copy of Newsweek with the blurb about my book and said I was going to be at SHOT in february in Vegas. And he said he was too.


... it

.... was

... ted

..... nugent.
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