August 21st, 2007

save me roswell! save me!

so last night i'm sitting in bed, talking to trillian on the phone and i see something move out of the corner of my eye -- sweet barking cheese! it's one of those giant two inch long monster cockroaches that you sometimes see having a hoe-down on the sidewalk in some sort of weird roach convention, racing under my door towards the bed.

before i could shriek and pull the covers over my head*, roswell, like a turbo charged rabbit with a jetpack fired from a canon, leapt from the chair she'd been sleeping on and BAM! (crunch crunch crunch crunch). tofu and broccoli casserole dinner augmented with tasty bug!

my heroine!

(just got off the phone with Amy and Renee in the morning on KGAB in Cheyanne Wyoming, it was a splendid time. I love saying "Cheyanne Wyoming" -- what beautiful words. Really, say it.)

(* or catch it in a jar and raise it as my own child as drag0nette would have done)
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